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1891 Society

In 1891, a pivotal year for our community, the arrival of the railroad marked a trans-formative moment for the San Ramon Valley. Farmers and ranchers welcomed the convenience it brought, revolutionizing the transportation of cattle, grain, hay, and fruit. The impact rippled beyond agriculture, promising increased prosperity and an elevated quality of life for all.
Similarly, the birth of the 1891 Society is rooted in the belief that Museum SRV holds a significance akin to the railroad’s influence on our community’s cultural, educational, and historical fabric. This distinguished group of major donors is committed to ensuring the Museum’s continued existence, stability, and growth by becoming annual members at the $1891 level.

Just as the railroad connected passengers to new horizons and brought in essential mail, the 1891 Society seeks to connect patrons like you to a richer cultural experience. By joining this exclusive group, you become a vital part of securing the Museum’s legacy and ensuring it thrives for generations to come.

Let us echo the trans-formative spirit of 1891. Become a member of the 1891 Society and play a crucial role in shaping the cultural landscape, educational outreach, and historical preservation of the San Ramon Valley.

To find out more or to join please contat the museum.