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Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind item, a toy, a book or a memento of the San Ramon Valley, your purchases at the Museum Store benefit the Museum and its many community programs.
Bonnets and Aprons for the One Room School Program - $25 for both
Bonnets and Aprons for the One Room School Program - $25 for both

Variety of Books Available

The Museum Store has many books about the San Ramon Valley to choose from.

Historic Tales of Alamo

Historic Tales of Alamo- $22

One of the oldest communities in the East Bay, Alamo is brimming with tales of hope, loss and triumph. Discover the story of the Romero brothers, who lost their rancho to a shrewd and litigious attorney, and the early pioneers who banded together to buy it back at an extraordinary sum. Learn about the deep agricultural roots that supported newcomers drawn to the temperate climate and beautiful valley. Revisit this rural community’s transformation from grazing land for Mission San Jose to a beloved home for generations of ranchers, writers and activists. Join historian Beverly Lane and researcher Sharon Burke as they share fascinating tales of Alamo’s past.


Mount Diablo, The Extraordinary Life and Landscapes of a California Treasure - $50

A beautiful new addition to the history and literature of Contra Costa’s most prominent and beloved landmark. Local photographer Stephen Joseph has been photographing its natural beauty and remarkable diversity for 25 years. Selecting from the thousands of photos he’s taken over the years, he presents a selection of 181 photos, from close-in images that make you feel as if you’re sitting among the branches of oak trees to breathtaking panoramas that open out both visually and literally — some of the pages fold open to three times the length of the 13″x13″ book.


Vintage Danville Book - $10

Commemorating the Town's 150th anniversary in 2008, this coffee table book chronicles Danville’s roots and honors the achievements of the community. Written by local residents, Beverly Lane and Laura Grinstead, this illustrated history book features a collection of pictures, lively stories and events of the years 1858-2008.


The Rebirth of the Veterans Memorial Building - $35

This commemorative book details the rebirth of the Veterans Memorial Building in Danville, California. The book documents this fine building and the modernization project undertaken for its future service to all people in the Contra Costa County Tri-Valley area.

San Ramon Chronicles

San Ramon Chronicles - Stories of Bygone Days - $22

Written by Beverly Lane for the Museum of the San Ramon ValleyThough a relatively young city, San Ramon has history stretching back to California's founding. Ohlone Indians first inhabited the are before rancheros grazed the land more than a century ago. Drawn by the Gold Rush, pioneers and prospectors settled the place promoters labeled a "Garden of Eden". Diversified farming of the valley, full of orchards and plentiful fields, sustained the rural population. Sitting in the shadow of historic Mount Diablo, San Ramon is a growing city recognized for its extraordinary parks, schools and active citizenry. Beverly Lane brings to life San Ramon's vibrant past.



Danville Branch of the Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway - $15

Danville Branch of the Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway provides a unique look at the small branch railway which once ran 10.15 miles between Saranap in Walnut Creek to Diablo east of Danville in Contra Costa County, California from 1914 to 1924.

The book, divided into nineteen chapters, discusses the branch’s many names, construction, officers, personnel, rolling stock, fight to save the line and closing the line.

East Bay Hills

East Bay Hills - A Brief History - $22

Author Amelia Sue Marshall explores the heritage of the East Bay Hills storied parklands with the naturalists who continue to preserve them and the old-timers who remember wilder days.

Dublin CA A Brief History
Life of Robert Burgess
Footprints in the Soil

Dublin California: A Brief History - $22

Steven Minniear shares the story of one of California's fastest growing cities. Dublin used to be just a small village on a major route to San Francisco. For much of its history, Dublin attributed its recognition to treacherous roads notorious for grisly stagecoach accidents and, later, near-fatal car crashes. Change came during World War II, when the community hosted one of the country's largest U.S. Navy installations. Rapid suburban development followed in the 1960s, attracting people looking to live in the thriving Bay Area. It also served as home to a U.S. Air Force base, a Cold War testing ground, a U.S. Army base and one of the greatest St. Patrick's Day celebrations on the West Coast.


The Life of Robert Noble Burgess - $25

Written by James Moore.

Footprints in the Soil - $20

At 97 years of age, Rose Peters Emery draws on her astonishing memory to tell the story of growing up on her family's California ranch. At once clear-eyed and nostalgic, this remarkable Portuguese-American woman celebrates a way of life that has vanished forever.

Mt. Diablo Items



Mt. Diablo Trail Books & Maps - Various Prices

The Museum has an assortment of books and trail maps of Mt. Diablo.

DeAnza Book

Juan Bautista de Anza - $5

This booklet, produced by the National Park Service, tells the story of the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition. There are maps and illustrations. 15 pages.