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Alamo Cemetery Tour

Saturday, April 20 at 10:00 am

Have you ever wanted to visit the Alamo Cemetery?

Docents from MuseumSRV will share stories about the valley residents laid to rest in the cemetery, offering insight into their lives and legacies. Through their narratives, they bring history alive, honoring the contributions and experiences of those who shaped the community.

Engage with historic re-enactors who will bring to life the
tales of figures such as Charlotte Wood, Mary Ann Jones, and R.O. and Mary Cox Baldwin.

The tour will last about an hour.


The Alamo Cemetery was established in the 1850s and includes burial plots of many San Ramon Valley pioneers. Some names important to early valley history include: Jones, Wood, Stone, Bollinger, Baldwin, Humburg, Boone, Cox, Young, Love, Close, Wiedemann and Hall. The first recorded burial (1856) was a six-year old girl, Callie Chrisman.

The Alamo Cemetery is located at 140 El Portal at the boundary of Danville and Alamo It is a public, nonprofit cemetery governed by three Trustees of the Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District appointed by the Board of Supervisors. . Notice that the streets are named for trees and the paths are named for flowers, a practice established in the nineteenth century.