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MuseumSRV serves as a center of the community. We preserve our history, engage residents with wide-ranging programs and events, and bring history alive for our schoolchildren. By supporting the museum, you help us bring our community together with enriching and engaging experiences and educational programs. Please consider becoming a member today.

Community People

Membership levels

– Basic: $50

– Family: $75

– Patron: $100

– Supporter: $250

– Benefactor: $500

– Visionary: $1,000

– 1891 Society: $1891

Membership benefits

All members enjoy free admission to the museum, discounts at the Museum store, and invitations to various receptions and other special events.

Memberships of $100 or more include access to the North American Reciprocal Museum program. This exceptional initiative opens the doors to a network of over 1,000 arts, cultural and historical institutions, botanical gardens, children’s museums, science and technology centers, and more. You’ll enjoy complimentary admission at participating organizations, exclusive discounts at museum shops, and special pricing on concert/lecture tickets.

1891 Society

The 1891 Society seeks to connect patrons like you to a richer cultural experience. 1891 was a pivotal year for our community. The arrival of the railroad marked a transformative moment for the Valley, bringing increased prosperity and enhanced quality of life. We believe  MuseumSRV enhances the community’s cultural, educational, and historical quality of life, just as the railroad did with its arrival. This core group of major donors is dedicated to ensuring the existence, stability, and continuation of the Museum.