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Learn more about the history of the San Ramon Valley.

The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is dedicated to preserving and celebrating our rich history and heritage. The collections and exhibits reflect our human experiences, institutions and cultures that were shaped by the valley's landscape, environment and early settlers.
The Valley's past is featured in a permanent exhibit that includes artifacts, an historical narrative frieze and pictures of historic buildings. The Museum collects, stores and protects artifacts from the San Ramon Valley. A Museum Store offers exciting gifts and remembrances for visitors.
In addition to a permanent exhibit on Valley history, the Museum sponsors revolving exhibits and several guided tours including the Alamo Cemetery and Old Town Danville.
School children are served with special Indian Life programs for fourth graders in the fall and the Tassajara One-Room School program for third graders in the spring. Classrooms are invited to tour the various exhibits.

Upcoming Event

Women Win the Vote in California and the Country
Virtual Program
August 20 at 11:30 am

This program will feature a video of the current Women Win the Vote exhibit at the Museum. In addition, a PowerPoint presentation on the history of woman suffrage will be provided by exhibit organizer and museum curator Beverly Lane. The program will end with a question and answer session.

To register for this program, click here.

By Henry Mayer
By Henry Mayer

Current Exhibit

Beauty and the Beast

California Wildflowers and Climate Change

Extended through August

Beauty and the Beast focuses on the Golden State’s wildflowers and the threats of climate change.  Produced by Exhibit Envoy, there are stunning photographs, information about the challenges of climate change and a hands-on microscope. 

Desert Chicory
California Poppy
Field of wildflowers, California Poppy
Scarlet Fritillary
Meadow of Wildflowers and Roundtop Mountain, Carson Pass,  Eldorado National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California  Lupine, paintbrush,

Upcoming Exhibit

Women Win the Vote in California and the Country
July 1 to October 1, 2020 

This exhibit in the Waiting Room will recognize the centennial of woman suffrage in America which was finally certified on August 26, 1920. These local women leaders will be featured: Mary Ann Jones, Lillian Close, Anita Glass and Libbie Wood.

For more information, click here.

To read articles about woman suffrage in California, click here.

LWV VOTE c 1920s (002)

Hwy 21 to Interstate 680: The History of the Road that Connects Us
A Program Presented by Steve Minniear

If you missed the presentation or want to watch it again, click here
Hihway 21 (2)

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2020 Exhibits

The Museum has a variety of exciting exhibits in 2020!

Exhibits on Display in the Museum's Freight Room

Beauty and the Beast
California Wildflowers & Climate Change

January 12 - June 7

Meadow of Wildflowers and Roundtop Mountain, Carson Pass,  Eldorado National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California  Lupine, paintbrush,

This exhibit will include stunning photographs of California's  many ecosystems (Beauty) and information about climate change (the Beast). The museum will partner with the Ruth Bancroft Gardens and East Bay Regional Park District naturalists to tell the story.

The Road Ahead
The Automobile's Impact on California

CANCELLED Due to COVID-19 Closure


The Road Ahead will look at how the automobile affected culture and lifestyle, industries, and government and roadways in California.

Some locals will recall when Danville Blvd., Hartz Ave., and San Ramon Valley Blvd. were nicknamed "gasoline alley".

Model Trains
Running through the Depot

June 20 - August 23


The First People of California

September 6 - November 8

First contact by Alicia Maria Siu, Antonio Moreno, Vicente Moreno, Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno

Christmas Memories

November 21 - January 3, 2021

Christmas Tree


Two Smaller Exhibits in the Museum's Waiting Room

Women Win the Vote
in California and the Country

April 1 - October 1

Delayed Opening due to COVID-19.

LWV VOTE c 1920s (002)

This exhibit commemorates the centennial of the Susan B. Anthony (19th) amendment certified on August 26, 1920. The museum will feature local women leaders of the era: Anita Glass, Lillian Close, Mary Ann Jones, and Libbie Wood. Click here for more information.

WWII 75th Anniversary

October 10 - January 3, 2021

Peace 2

This exhibit commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII on September 2, 1945.

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