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The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is dedicated to preserving and celebrating our rich history and heritage. The collections and exhibits reflect our human experiences, institutions and cultures that were shaped by the valley's landscape, environment and early settlers.

The Valley's past is featured in a permanent exhibit that includes artifacts, a historical narrative frieze and pictures of historic buildings. The Museum collects, stores and protects artifacts from the San Ramon Valley. The Museum sponsors revolving exhibits and several guided tours including the Alamo Cemetery and Old Town Danville.

School children are served with the First Peoples of CA program for fourth graders in the fall and the Tassajara One-Room School program for third graders in the spring. Classrooms are invited to tour the various exhibits.

A Museum Store offers unique gifts, books and toys for visitors.

Current Exhibits

First Peoples of California
September 12 - November 7, 2023

Step into the captivating world of Native American history as you explore a curated collection that showcases the intricate tapestry of their lifestyle, and art forms. From the vast landscapes to the vibrant traditions, "First Peoples of California" invites visitors to experience the rich heritage that has shaped our community.

Learn about who lived in the San Ramon Valley beginning around 5000 years ago. How did they get here?  What was their life like? What did they eat? How were they housed? These interesting topics and much more will be explored.

The Museum of the San Ramon Valley welcomes visitors of all ages to experience the captivating world of the first residents of our community. Whether you're a history enthusiast, or simply curious about the rich tapestry of our area’s heritage, this exhibit promises a memorable and enlightening experience for all.

First contact by Alicia Maria Siu, Antonio Moreno, Vicente Moreno, Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno
First contact by Alicia Maria Siu, Antonio Moreno, Vicente Moreno, Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno

Electric Railway Exhibit
Now - November 3, 2023

An informative exhibit on the electric railway which once served Alamo and Danville is available to view at the Museum.  The original sign from the Danville station is on display along with maps, tickets and stories.

From 1914-1924 trains from the Danville Branch of Oakland Antioch & Eastern railway came from Saranap (west of Walnut Creek) through Alamo and Danville, ending at the new Mount Diablo Park Club.

This meant that, for a decade, passengers and freight traveled in and out of the San Ramon Valley on two transit modes, the electric and Southern Pacific’s steam trains. Special trains -- dubbed “Million Dollar Specials”  -- travelled to the Mount Diablo Park Club and brought visitors from San Francisco on the ferry via the trolley.

The quirky and storied “Toonerville Trolley” and its 10-mile route is remembered today in a book by Irma M. Dotson titled “Danville Branch of Oakland Antioch & Eastern Railway.”


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