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One Room School Program

Who knew history lessons could be so fun!

Every spring, third graders across the valley take a leap back in time to an authentic 1889 school day at the Museum’s One Room School Program.

The excitement begins with dressing the part for the day. Children arrive at the school donned in bonnets, dresses, suspenders, and overalls. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for them: reading from the McGuffey reader, lessons on slates, mastering ciphering, tying up horses in the stable, being polite with “ma’am” and “sir,” munching on farm-style lunches, and playing cool nineteenth-century games.

one room school

For one school day, kids leave behind their smartphones, the internet, and video games, immersing themselves in a world so different from their own, all while having a great time and gaining invaluable learning experiences.

By the end of the day, they’ll have gained a better understanding of, appreciation for, and empathy toward kids from a bygone era. They’ll learn more than any textbook could ever teach them, and they’ll look back on this day as a highlight of their school years.

The heart of the program is our very own Tassajara School, an original building that served as the community’s one-room schoolhouse in the 1800s. It’s located on Finley Road and is lovingly owned, maintained, and run by MuseumSRV.

Your support of the museum keeps this amazing program alive for the kids in our community. It’s run completely by our dedicated volunteers, and we’d be absolutely thrilled to have you join us in making history come alive for our young historians!