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Walking Tours

Discover the hidden gems and rich history of the valley through our walking tours. Join us for an hour – 2 hours of exploration led by a knowledgeable docent, where every step reveals fascinating stories of the past.

Downtown Danville

The historic walking tour of the Town of Danville begins on Front Street where the town began. Participants learn the identity of the founding families, how the town was named, the location of the first schools and postal service, and the contributions of the Grange. Many historic buildings along Front Street, Hartz Avenue and Prospect, along with their unique stories, will be shared. Where was the town honeymoon suite? What did Elliotts do during Prohibition? What was the Farmers’ Exchange? These questions and many more will be answered.

Wonderful old photographs will add to the discussion. The tour takes about an hour and a half.

Fourth Grade Teacher

Alamo Cemetery 

Journey to the Alamo Cemetery and explore its rich history. Discover pioneer gravesites and uncover the stories of early San Ramon Valley settlers, including notable names like Stone, Love, Boone, Podva, and Bollinger.

Engage with historic re-enactors who will bring to life the tales of figures such as Charlotte Wood, Mary Ann Jones, and R.O. and Mary Cox Baldwin.

Historic Alamo

Come learn more about Alamo’s historic past on a 90 minute walking tour of downtown Alamo.

The tour will visit several historic sites where you can view photos of buildings at that site long ago. We will especially “visit” the Alamo of 1860, 1910 and 1944. 


Museum Tours

Docents will guide your group through the Museum, sharing insights on the depot’s history, highlighting key pieces in the permanent collection, and providing context for the current exhibition.

Interested in scheduling a group tour?

Public and private schools, as well as groups, can schedule custom tours of the museum, downtown Danville, the Alamo Cemetery, or historic Alamo. All tours will be led by trained docents. Contact us at info@museumsrv.org or call (925) 837-3750.