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Southern Pacific

Permanent Collection

Step inside the museum, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of artifacts and intriguing insights into our valley’s rich history. The permanent exhibit showcases a fascinating array of items from our permanent collection, from the jaw of a mastodon to ancient Indian tools, vintage farm equipment, pioneer keepsakes, and mementos from the remarkable development of our towns and modern-day suburbs. As you explore the exhibit room, you’ll find a captivating narrative frieze that takes you on a journey from the geological wonders of our region to the contemporary era.

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Our knowledgeable docents are here to enrich your experience. They are passionate about history and always available to answer your questions or provide additional insights. Don’t hesitate to approach them and delve deeper into the captivating narratives that surround us. Whether you’re curious about our artifacts, the exterior of our building — the historic Danville Depot, or the ever-changing displays in the old depot Waiting Room, our docents are your guides to hidden treasures and fascinating stories.

We invite you to explore, to ask questions, and to immerse yourself in the unfolding tapestry of our valley’s history. The museum is a place of discovery and learning, and we look forward to sharing these incredible stories with you. Enjoy your visit!