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First Peoples Program

Each autumn, MuseumSRV transforms into a gateway to the past, inviting fourth graders to a fun and educational journey into the intriguing world of California’s indigenous peoples. These are the remarkable people who first called this region their home, thousands of years ago.

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This extraordinary program is tailor-made to align with the 4th-grade standard for history and social science, ensuring an enriching educational adventure. As the children delve into the history of California, they will uncover the captivating tales of our early inhabitants, who thrived in diverse landscapes. They’ll discover how these resourceful people adapted to their physical environment and skillfully cultivated the bounties of the San Ramon Valley.

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At the museum, young minds will hear captivating creation accounts, lay their eyes on fascinating artifacts, get hands-on experience pounding acorns, and immerse themselves in the thrill of playing traditional Indian games.

While the First Peoples of California program perfectly complements the Fourth Grade curriculum, it extends its warm welcome to older students and adult groups equally eager to explore the rich history of the San Ramon Valley’s native culture.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite your students’ passion for history and the vibrant tapestry of California’s indigenous heritage. To schedule your class for this extraordinary program, contact the museum . Embark on a journey through time and heritage like never before!