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Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

January 12 – March 29, 2020
Golden State’s wildflowers
California Poppy<br />
California Poppy

Beauty and the Beast focuses on the Golden State’s wildflowers and the threats of climate change. Produced by Exhibit Envoy, there will be stunning photographs, information about the challenges of climate change and a hands-on microscope.

Programs are scheduled on Climate Change (January 23 at the Veterans Hall), wildflower photography (February) and wild fire preparation (March). Partners for the exhibit include the Bancroft Gardens, the East Bay Regional Park District, the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, Vai Schierholtz Photography and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. The exhibit is underwritten by the Lesher Foundation.

Field of wildflowers
Field of wildflowers, California Poppy
Scarlet Fritillary<br />
Scarlet Fritillary
Meadow of Wildflowers
Meadow of Wildflowers and Roundtop Mountain, Carson Pass, Eldorado National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California Lupine, paintbrush,
Desert Lily<br />
Desert Lily
Rob Badger and Nita Winter
or over 20 years, international award-winning photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter have worked to capture California’s vanishing wildflowers, bringing awareness to the beauty of the Golden State as well as to the dangers facing our natural habitats from climate change. All geographic regions of California are highlighted in this stunning show, from the high alpine “rock gardens” above 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Death Valley National Park’s below-sea-level environment.

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