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Gadgets Galore!

Gadgets Galore!

February 3 – June 2

Transforming the American Household

From light bulbs to coffee makers, and from Velcro to mp3s, our scavenger hunt-style exhibit Gadgets Galore will connect the past with the present.

Gadgets are an important part of our everyday lives, and they are often objects we take for granted. Take a closer look at historic household gadgets from the MuseumSRV’s collection and consider how the gadgets of yesteryear formed our modern technology.

At one time, these gadgets were new inventions, the latest and greatest items, and something everyone wanted to own. Uncover the histories of these strange objects and how their invention led to the gadgets that are integral to our lives today.

Calling All Seniors! Free Tour

You are invited to take a free tour of the Gadgets Galore! exhibit on Sunday afternoon, April 14, 2024 at 1 pm.  Coffee,  tea and cookies provided.

Seniors, this is your chance to dive into nostalgia as you explore the exhibit brimming with familiar treasures and fond memories. And as if that weren’t enticing enough, we’re sweetening the deal with complimentary coffee, tea, and cookies, creating the perfect ambiance for mingling and reminiscing.

Step inside the exhibit and marvel at the historic artifacts, from vintage telephones to timeless kitchen gadgets. Share your own stories and experiences with these beloved items as you wander through the displays. Between exploring the exhibits, take a  moment to relax and enjoy the free refreshments while engaging in lively conversation with fellow attendees.

Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming, fostering a sense of community among visitors.

Experience the joy of immersing yourself in the past while savoring the simple pleasures of the present. With free admission and refreshments, MuseumSRV aims to make this a fun and entertaining experience.

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Gadgets Galore
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