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History of the Dublin Cemetery

The Dublin Pioneer Cemetery at 6600 Donlon Way, Dublin, Ca. in a historic cemetery which includes the final resting place for several San Rmon and Tassajara pioneer families. These include the Close, Dougherty, Glass, Harlan, Lynch, McPherson, Norris, Olsson, Rasmussen and Williams families.

The cemetery is part of Dublin’s Heritage Park and the site is an impressive one. Visitors can see the Murray School (1856), St. Raymond’s Catholic Church (1860) and an array of other historic buildings and barns. The Park is owned and managed by the City of Dublin.

Tom Donlon, who was working on the church’s roof in 1859, fell to his death from the roof.  He is the first person recorded to have been buried in the cemetery. There may have been earlier burials.

The eastern part of the cemetery has Catholic burials. Evidently James Witt Dougherty deeded land in the western part of the cemetery which includes Protestant burials. The Dougherty Plot is a large one, situated towards the west and includes his dog Carlos. San Ramon and Tassajara burials are in both sections with the Norris family near to St. Raymonds and the Harlans with others at the very back.

Gordon Rasmussen said that a photograph of him working the plough was used as the model for the Dublin Cemetery sign.


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