Indian Life Program

Condor, Indian Life
Each fall, the Museum of the San Ramon Valley offers an Indian Life program to fourth graders who come to the museum to learn about the California Indians, the first people to settle this region thousands of years ago.   It is a field trip especially adapted to meet the 4th grade standard for history and social science [4.33].
Fourth Graders whose history and social studies focus on the state of California, learn how these early people lived in the mountains, river valleys, deserts and coast, adapting to their physical environment and cultivating natural resources.  At the museum, the students have the opportunity to hear creation accounts, to view artifacts from prehistoric times, to pound acorns and to play Indian games.
Although the Indian Life program is geared to Fourth Grade curriculum, the program accommodates and welcomes older students and adult groups who are interested in learning about California Indians.
If your class or group is interested in the Indian Life program at the Museum, please call Donna Grier at 837-3750 for more information.