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Introduction to Bay Miwok Essays

These essays were written to accompany a symposium at Diablo Valley College held on September 20, 2003, entitled Bay Miwok: Past, Present and Future, The First People of Contra Costa County. The papers were titled Bay Miwok Readings and designed to provide general information about the Bay Miwok people who lived in Contra Costa County. They were compiled and edited by Beverly Lane.

The authors who provided these essays were asked to write briefly on the topic and include a bibliography. In addition, a selected bibliography at the conclusion provided opportunities for readers to learn more about the Bay Miwok.

About the Bay Miwok Symposium

The 2003 symposium planners included Dean McLeod, Beverly Lane, Cathy Ivers, Ray O’Brien, Lyn Krause, Jayne Smithson, Aimee Arrigoni and Pat Keeble with special help from Randy Milliken, Beverly Ortiz and Kathy Perez. The conference speakers were Randall K. Milliken, Catherine A. Callaghan, Beverly R. Ortiz, David A. Fredrickson, Dean L. McLeod, Lenore Gallin, Andrew Galvan and Jeffery B. Fentress. Brian Fagan was the luncheon speaker.

Conference sponsors included: Contra Costa County Historical Society, Diablo Valley College, East Bay Regional Park District, Museum of the San Ramon Valley, National Park Service, The John Marsh Historic Trust, Wells Fargo Bank, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Shell Oil Products US, Contra Costa Times.