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Third graders and their parents visit these sites and fill out their passports.


  1. Prehistoric San Ramon Valley -- Museum’s mastodon jaw
  1. Where is the SRV? --  History Wall at San Ramon Valley & Alcosta
  1. Geography of the SRV --  Las Trampas Regional Park staging area’s   interpretive panels at the north end of Bollinger Canyon Rd.
  1. Indians of the SRV – Hap Magee Ranch Park at the Tatcan Commemorative Site just west of the small dog park
  1. Explorers – Fages/Crespi plaque at El Portal & Danville Blvd.
  1. Mission & Rancho Times --  Adobe brick mold & “J” branding iron at the Museum.
  1. Early Pioneers --  Visit Alamo Cemetery, 130 El Portal.
  1. Early Schools --  Go to the Tassajara School  at 1650 Finley Rd.
  1. Agriculture – Forest Home Farms Historic Park, 19953 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Retored Glass House. Special field trip or attend event there.
  1. Transportation – Museum’s railroad exhibit, frieze