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The Art of Survival: Enduring the Turmoil of Tule Lake

The Japanese American Internment Experience During World War II

March 12 – May 15, 2016

The Mochida family tagged and waiting to board their bus.

“The Art of Survival” exhibit explored the incarceration of Japanese Americans in WWII Internment Camps. 120,000 Americans were forced to relocate to remote parts of the Western United States.  Tule Lake in the far northeast corner of California housed the largest camp and was chosen to host a special prison for all those the army deemed the most disloyal. This exhibit while focusing upon Tule Lake, addressed experiences common to all ten camps.  The Museum displayed artifacts, pictures, and told stories from many of them.  Prior to 1942, numerous Japanese families lived and worked in the San Ramon Valley.  Their poignant tales made “The Art of Survival” very personal for us.

There were DVD’s, photos, and many special artifacts dating back to camp life.