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The Moon Landing

Stories from Two People Who Helped Make It Happen
Saturday, July 20 at 2 pm
Danville Library,  400 Front St.,  Danville

Mathematician for the program Carol Reppucci and Engineer Chuck Cunningham, designer of the entry monitor system (EMS) both worked on the Apollo Space Program during the Sixties. Their stories and insights will bring to life the space achievements of that era.

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary moon landing of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, a first for mankind.

Sponsored by the Museum of the San Ramon Valley  in collaboration with the Danville Library.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon

View the Moon

July 20 at 8:30 pm
Danville Green, 400 Front St., Danville

Join the Mount Diablo Astronomical Society on the Danville Green next to the Danville Library and look through telescopes at the moon.

Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon.

Co-Sponsored by
Museum of the San Ramon Valley
Mount Diablo Astronomical Society
Danville Library