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May 19

Imagining History’s Lost Voices: Women of the Gold Rush

When gold was discovered in California, dreams of adventure and instant wealth made westward movement the all-consuming passion of the nation. “Go West Young Man” became the catch phrase of the era, but joining these young men were a hardy collection of women. Prostitutes and preacher’s wives, escaped slaves and society women, reformers, teachers, saloon keepers, cross dressers, criminals…the women of the Gold Rush helped shape the region and the nation. Yet their stories have been largely forgotten. Who was Mary Ellen Pleasant, Georgiana Kirby, Mary Hallock Foote, Madam Mustache?

Women of the Gold Rush

During this engaging one-hour lecture Mary Volmer explored how the interplay of fiction and history allows for the compassionate reimagining of history’s lost voices. Ms. Volmer is a published author, college professor and the Director of the Alta Mesa Center for the Arts. Her most recent books are Crown of Dust and Reliance, Illinois.

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