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November 17

The History of Canyon, CA

Most residents of the East Bay have heard of the town of Canyon, but few know where it is located or anything about its rich history.

The History of Canyon, CA

Liam O’Donoghue, the host and producer of the East Bay Yesterday podcast and co-creator of the Long Lost Oakland map, shared the story of Canyon. Joining Liam on the presentation was long time Canyon resident and retired teacher Esperanza Pratt Suris with stories of Canyon. 

The community of Canyon has a colorful history. Starting with logging camps and saloons in the nineteenth century that gave it a rowdy and colorful reputation. The twentieth century saw much of the land become part of EBMUD and the community fight against development. The logging camps and saloons are gone but Canyon has kept its free and independent spirit with its unique homes nestled among the redwoods. Learn all about this most interesting community.

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