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April 20

The Quilt as Art- Public and Personal

Dolores Miller, from Studio Art Quilt Associates, is a textile artist living in San Jose, CA. Her art often expresses wonder at the vastness and complexity of the universe and explores our place in it, our sense of belonging. Dolores is a board member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), whose mission is to promote the art quilt. She has been a juror at national textile art events and curated several regional art quilt exhibitions.

traditional quilts and art quilts

Both traditional quilts and art quilts can be visually appealing, but unlike traditional quilts, which are primarily created to be functional, art quilts are created as artistic expression.  While they incorporate traditional quilting techniques, art quilts may also include non-traditional materials and methods and may address contemporary issues. Art quilts can range in size from small wall hangings to large installations and are often displayed in galleries and museums and are now being seen as fine art.

Ms. Miller talked about her role in the world of art quilts with Studio Art Quilt Associates as well as personal work created during the COVID period.

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