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Other Historical Plaques and Art Pieces

#1 Plaque honoring Reverend R. S. Symington

The plaque is located on a redwood tree (planted in 1876) just north of the Danville Town Meeting Hall on Front Street. It was placed on the tree in 1956 by Ed and Hazel Wiester to commemorate Rev. Symington, the first pastor of the Danville Presbyterian Church and marks the movement of the church from this location to its new site on El Pintado Road.

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Plaque honoring Reverend
#2 Small plaque in the sidewalk in front of Norm’s at 356 Hartz Ave.

This plaque marks the location of the first Danville Fire Protection District’s first fire station. The unusual brick configuration along the sidewalk indicates the driveway for the first truck which was purchased in 1922.

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Small plaque in the sidewalk
Two art pieces in Hap Magee Ranch Park at the north end of La Gonda in Danville.
Hap Magee Ranch Park
#3 Tatcan Indian commemorative at Hap Magee Ranch Park in Alamo/Danville

Located by San Ramon Creek near the Canine Corral small dog park, this corten steel “flame” recalls the Bay Miwok Tatcan Indians who lived in the San Ramon Creek Watershed.

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Tatcan Indian
#4 Plaque commemorating Isaac and Ann Swain

The Swains donated funds for what became the San Francisco Protestant Orphanage summer camp, now called Hap Magee Ranch Park. This brick art piece was created by Rich Corrin and is located by the path to the playground.

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Hap Magee Ranch Park
#5 Veterans Memorial Building memorials, Danville

At the corner of E Prospect and Hartz Ave. behind the Veterans Memorial sign are plaques which list deceased local service men beginning with the Great War. There is also a Battlefield Cross for Lt Cpl. Joshua Corral near the corner. Look for the SRV Historical Society plaque #21 on the north wall of the building.

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Veterans Memorial
Vets Memorial
Vets Memorial
#6 Stone family plaque in Alamo

This plaque was installed by the fraternal order E Clampus Vitus, Joaquin Murrieta Chapter 13, on April 1, 1978, to commemorate Silas Stone and the Stone family of Alamo. It sits on a stone base on the north side of Stone Valley Road at the entry to the Stone Valley Center.

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Stone Family Plaque
#7 Interpretive sign about Hemme and the Southern Pacific Railroad

Located at Hemme Station Park at the corner of Danville Blvd. and Hemme Ave. in Alamo.

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Hemme Station Park
Railroad put Alamo on the Map
#8 History of the San Ramon Valley in a tile art piece in San Ramon.

In the Gateway Centre (Lucky) shopping center at San Ramon Valley Blvd. and Alcosta Blvd., a series of tile pictures recount the history of the valley beginning with the tule homes of local Indians and concluding with the community building at San Ramon Central Park. The tiles are set in concrete and may be viewed from the sidewalk close to the UPS store.

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San Ramon History art
San Ramon History Art
tile art piece
Tile art Piece
San Ramon Art
#9 Forest Home Farms Historic Park

There are several informative interpretive signs throughout this park, in the Boone Ranch area and around the Davie and Eliza Glass House. When the park is open, please walk around and enjoy the park and the historical signs.

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Forest Home Farms
#10 Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Four interpretive signs on the park and its geology, vegetation and wildlife are set at the Bollinger Canyon staging area, north of Crow Canyon Rd. in San Ramon.

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Las Trampas
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
#11 Dublin Pioneer Cemetery south of Dublin Blvd. on Donlon Blvd.

This cemetery has gravesites for several San Ramon residents. You may walk around and view historic sites for Coats, Norris, Lynch, Dougherty, McPherson, Williams, Rasmussen, Glass and Harlan.

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Dublin Cemetery